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JH Fitzpatrick Are Hiring!

JH Fitzpatrick Are Hiring!

J. H. Fitzpatrick Ltd are currently looking for an Agricultural Mechanic to join our Dealership.

For more details and to submit your application please click on the below link



JH Fitzpatrick Covid Measures

JH Fitzpatrick Covid Measures

From Monday 18th May, JH Fitzpatrick’s doors will be re-open to the public.

The protection measures which we have implemented throughout our Shop and Workshop are outlined below;
Customer Hand Sanitising Stations
Erection of wall mounted hand sanitiser stations at the entrance and throughout the agri shop, yard entrance and workshop areas. We encourage all visitors to use this facility before entering.

One Way System
In order to provide a safer shopping experience for customers and staff, we have implemented a one- way traffic system throughout the shop.
Once inside the shop , customers will be asked to wait and stand at safety points, once it is safe customers can proceed to the counter . After a customer has completed their transaction, they will be guided on how to exit the shop using floor signage.

Social Distancing:
Following guidance from the Government to maintain social distancing of 2 meters within the shop. We have introduced social distancing signage throughout our shop. This will help customers navigate through the shop more quickly and to enhance a quicker and safer shopping experience for both customers and staff . We also recommend that any customer who can pay by card or account to do so.
We ask that customers respect other shoppers and wait and stand back to allow customers to pass if and when required within the shop.

Increased Hard Surface Area Cleaning
Our staff will practice routine cleaning of all high-touch, hard surface areas such as counter areas, pin pads and other checkout surfaces, etc

Deep Cleaning
We exercise daily deep cleaning of floor areas throughout the entire shop , including all front-end and back-end floor areas.

Workshop Protocols
• For customers dropping off a machine to our service /repair area, we ask they leave the machine in the yard and not to enter the workshop.
• To protect the staff safety, our Service Teams are working in separated ends of the workshop building.
• Once the machine is received by JH Fitzpatrick, all surfaces that will be worked on is sanitised by a member of our Service Team.
• Return of the machine to the customer is done in the same way. All service operation whether in-house or at a customer location will be carried out within physical distancing parameters.

Sanitising of Tractors
All Tractors, Farm Handlers will be fully sanitised inside and outside before any customer views or enters into a machine.
All JH Fitzpatrick hire equipment will follow the same hygiene procedures once machine is back in the JH Fitzpatrick yard.
Ensuring Staff Hygiene Practices
We will keep vigilant to ensure our staff follow our Standard Safety Hygiene Practices and Controls. We have increased our supply of disposable gloves and hand sanitiser throughout the shop, workshop and office areas.
For staff we have implemented enhanced hygiene protocols, in line with HSE advice. All staff regularly wash and sanitise their hands when serving customers.

As a company we are continually monitoring our measures around Covid -19. We want to ensure customers that we will continue to communicate all future safety measures and precautions which we may take.
Please note we will post additional customer updates or information to share through our social

Stay safe.
Donal Fitzpatrick

JH Fitzpatrick’s Doors Re-Open 18th May


We are delighted to announce that we are reopening on Monday 18th May.

We have put a lot of measures in place to keep everyone social distancing. Safety for our customers and employees is our biggest concern during this crisis. We will post another link of the exact measures and precautions we have taken to keep everyone safe within our business.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

Looking forward to seeing you all.



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