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JH Fitzpatrick is an Authorised Case IH new tractors and agricultural equipment dealer in Kildare, Ireland. Case IH is a global leader in agricultural equipment with headquarters in the United States, Case IH has a network of more than 4,900 dealers and distributors of new tractors that operates in over 160 countries. We recognise every operation is unique and every producer farms differently. Our new tractor customers are successful because they demand more from their land, more from themselves and more from their equipment. That’s why, as a farm machinery company, we operate differently. We work as a team — producer, dealer and manufacturer — to help every producer succeed.

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The Farmall tractor range by Case IH have earned a reputation of being versatile and reliable workhorses ever since this name was introduced in 1923. Today’s Farmall A Case IH tractors are worthy successors. The specification makes the Farmall A tractors a wise investment as Farmall A new tractors comply with all the latest safety standards for operator protection and the engines meet the Stage IIIB emission standards to ensure a clean, safe working environment. Farmall A tractors are powered by 4-cylinder 3.4 litre Common-Rail turbocharged and inter cooled engines to give you maximum power for less fuel consumption. Whatever specification you choose, you can be confident that Farmall A will perform.


The logically and ergonomically-positioned controls in the console and the improved layout of the concise instrumentation in the new dashboard are part of the package that makes tasks less onerous when operating a Farmall A Case IH tractor. Levers and switches fall easily to hand, making operation instinctive after only a short time at the steering wheel. Slim pillars, large mirrors, a broad windscreen and carefully-designed door and window glass mean that, with a Farmall A, the view to loaders and trailed or mounted implements is among the best in this horsepower sector. There’s no need to stretch to see what’s happening. The “A-pillar” exhaust location on new generation Farmall A new tractor ensures a clear and unobstructed forward view. As option the Vision Pack can provide a high visibility roof panel, additional rear worklights, rear wiper and telescopic rear view mirrors ensuring excellent visibility of all tasks from loader operations to road transport.

The transmission utilises helical cut gear teeth, pressure lubricated bearings and synchronisers to provide a simple, efficient yet robust driveline. Gear speeds are spaced to have a steady progression between ranges and be fully compatible with operation around the yard, in the field or on road transport. Choose the transmission that best fits your needs. There’s an economical 12 x 12 mechanical shuttle, or a 12 x 12 hydraulic Powershuttle*. Fully synchronised gears and a shuttle lever make for predictable and safe maneuvering within the 12 forward and 12 reverse gears. The additional 8 creep gears* add the speeds needed for special tasks – down to 250 metres per hour at rated engine speed. During operation, these ratios are engaged and disengaged by a separate lever that transforms the Farmall A into the ideal vegetable planting or harvesting machine. A PTO with 540rpm working speed is standard*, while there is also a choice of 540 Economy* for low-power applications, or 1,000rpm* for high-powered machinery.

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With an extensive range of factory options, including transmissions, hydraulic and PTO, and agricultural, turf or industrial tyres, Farmall C Case IH tractors can be delivered fully equipped and ready to work. In addition, cab versions can be customised with factory installed high performance anti-pollen filtration to suit the intended application.

caseih-new-tractors-farmhall-c-tableWide opening glass doors and a full height cab entrance make it easy to enter the cab from either side. Ergonomic design with a driver seat that is fully adjustable, a foldable and comfortable passenger seat, flat floor, low noise level and the option of air conditioning add up to make the Farmall C a joy to drive.

The controls are laid out logically, so that operation becomes instinctive, making the Farmall C suitable for casual drivers as well as owner operators. All frequently used controls, such as gear lever, hand throttle and the optional integrated loader joystick, are placed within easy reach on the right hand console. The instrumentation cluster adjusts with the steering wheel and combines analogue gauges with digital displays for optimum overview.

The Farmall C Case IH tractor is designed to provide unsurpassed sight lines with unobstructed views of the work area and implements. An opening high-visibility roof window provides excellent visibility for loader work. The fully adjustable work lights, integrated into the roof for protection, will give you all the lighting you need to keep working after dark. As an option, the Farmall C is also available as a platform version with fold-able ROPS frame instead of a cabin.

Proven turbocharged engines with high-pressure common rail injection technology deliver more power at reduced fuel consumption. All models meet Stage IIIB emissions standards with an exhaust after-treatment system. Electronic fuel delivery ensures fast acceleration, more torque and constant maximum power.

You can choose between the simplicity of manual gear selection or low effort hydraulic operation. The assertive mechanical transmission offers 12 forward and 12 reverse gears with 40 kph, and is also available with Powershuttle. The four models of the range are also available with a two-speed Powershift that doubles the number of available speeds to 24 forward and 24 reverse, plus Powerclutch and Powershuttle. Low speed creeper gears are available on all transmissions.

With a rear linkage capacity up to 3,700 kg and separate hydraulic circuits for steering and external services, Farmall C is never short on ability. With a choice of up to three rear and two mid-mounted hydraulic remote valves, hydraulic flow can be directed as required to control a wide range of equipment. The Farmall C comes ready for perfect front loader operation.

Choice of PTO speeds from simple 540 to 540E/1,000, including ground speed PTO and a new power curve that is perfectly aligned to PTO work, the Farmall C puts you in a position to handle the work of all seasons. Furthermore, the rated speed of the PTO has been adapted to a lower and more efficient engine speed.

Farmall C can be specified with factory fitted wide low ground pressure tyres for fine turf work on golf courses, non-aggressive turf patterns for sports pitches, industrial block pattern tyres for continual road work or conventional agricultural tyres. With a large choice of tyres, four wheel drive and 100% differential lock on both front and rear axles, the power is put to the ground for ultimate productivity.

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vestrum 130 cvx drvive

The new series stands out from the crowd, combining compact dimensions of a maneuverable four-cylinder tractor with the premium cab comfort design of larger Case IH models. The result is the first Case IH tractor in the 100 HP class with the continuously variable CVXDrive transmission. A jury of editors from European agricultural magazines awarded Vestrum CVXDrive the title “Machine of the Year 2019”.

As soon as the direction is specified by the shuttle lever and the throttle or Multicontroller is activated by the operator, the transmission will accelerate continuously from 0-40km/h. The key feature here is that no complicated preselection process is required when switching between Multicontroller and throttle.

At the start of the millennium, Case IH enjoyed great success with its revolutionary Automatic Productivity Management system (APM).
The constant matching of engine speed and CVXDrive transmission made it possible to significantly reduce fuel consumption. Today, those benefits remain.

Hard work should be rewarded, and the Vestrum CVXDrive cab doesn’t let you down. All the main settings can be adjusted from the AFS PRO 700 terminal, while a Bluetooth radio with hands-free function means it’s easy to make phone calls in the quiet cab. In addition, a wide variety of configuration options like an air conditioning system, electrically adjustable and heated rear mirrors, and a range of
air suspension comfort seats ensure stress-free work, even during long days.

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Some things make jobs so much easier that you wonder how you ever managed without them. The new Case IH Luxxum is just like that. With greater maneuverability, higher levels of comfort and better visibility than any tractor of this size that we’ve ever made, it continues our commitment to easing the demands placed on the operator, ensuring greater productivity from both tractor and driver. With three new models from 100-120hp, the only thing there’s less of is the need for compromise.


Look around a Luxxum and you’ll see immediately that this is a tractor made for those who demand more. These are mid-range models for those who may not need the highest horsepower, but in every other detail require the best possible specification.

Whether you need a Luxxum to perform tough powered cultivation or manure spreading duties, or lighter yet no less demanding raking or tedding tasks, you’ll find that these are tractors tailor-made for the full breadth of PTO work. Case IH engineers have ensured Luxxum models are equipped with a comprehensive package which includesm 540, 540E, 1,000 and 1,000E rpm PTO speeds, changeable easily from within the cab once the shafts have been swapped. With ‘E’ economy speeds, it’s possible to make significant fuel savings when working on operations not requiring full PTO power, with the relevant PTO speed achieved at lower engine rpm. An AutoPTO feature, which disengages drive automatically when the rear linkage is raised at the end of a bout and re-engages it when the linkage is lowered, is a standard feature, as is soft-start engagement.

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Compact, manoeuvrable, powerful, efficient – since their introduction, Case IH Maxxum series tractors have earned a hard-won reputation as the best mid-range machines on the market. For more than two decades, each new generation of Maxxum models has helped farmers around the world run their operations more easily, more

efficiently and in greater comfort. Now there’s a fresh line-up, featuring improvements and developments that take these tractors ahead in every area, once again setting new standards for this power class. Whether you’re looking for a manoeuvrable livestock farm workhorse or an arable tractor capable of handling field and road duties with equal ease, Maxxum remains the name to remember.


Standard Maxxum models may be the entry level tractors in the range, but they are equipped with a specification that’s comprehensive by any measure, with just the right level of technology to meet modern day demands. They benefit from a 16F/16R 40 km/h 4-speed-powershift, a comfortable cab, up to 4 mechanical remote valves and the same implement handling capabilities as other Maxxum models. These simple, straightforward machines make for a cost conscious investment, but their ability to get your jobs done is just the same as that of other models in the range.

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Puma has a well-established reputation for a premium product in terms of tractor quality. Built in Austria around proven semi powershift, full powershift or CVX continuously-variable transmissions, and the latest FPT engine technology, Puma retains the high standards set by its predecessors. With seven models from 150-240 hp (rated), the Puma series by Caseih tractors sits squarely in territory that means it suits the most demanding applications in both arable, contracting and livestock farming situations. Furthermore, as with all Case IH developments, it takes its class forward in multiple areas – transmission, suspension, controls, seating, lighting and more. What you get as a result is the reassurance of a proven product with enhancements aimed at giving your business a sharper edge, repaying your investment quicker than ever before.

POWER AND EFFICIENCY The powerful 6.7 litre, 6-cylinder engine is designed to generate power and optimize fuel efficiency. Stage IV emissions standards are achieved with our proprietary high efficiency Hi-eSCR only after-treatment system. SEMI OR FULL POWERSHIFT, OR CVX TRANSMISSION The Puma 150-165 models are fitted with six-speed Semi-Powershift transmissions or optionally with Full Powershift transmissions, while the Puma 185-220 models are fitted with Full Powershift transmissions as standard and a continuously variable transmission is used in all Puma CVX models. The Active Stop control reliably prevents the tractor from rolling back on slopes and allows you to start the tractor easily without engaging the clutch or brake. The DKT™ double-clutch technology ensures smooth travel and a high level of fuel efficiency.

HIGH PERFORMANCE HYDRAULICS: With an oil delivery rate of up to 150 l/min. (Puma) and 170 l/min. (Puma CVX), the hydraulics on these tractors are designed for heavy-duty work and a maximum hitch capacity of 10,463 kg in the rear hydraulics. Seven (models 150-175) or nine (from models 185) control valves can be connected. The front hitch and optional front power take-off (PTO), will increase your productivity even further.

PRECISE CONTROL: With the Case IH AFS systems, you can maximize your efficiency, operate ISOBUS Class III compatible devices from the cab and choose from a full range of guidance solutions, offering accuracy levels of up to 2.5 cm. The AFS Pro 700TM monitor, which can be integrated as an option, allows you to maintain control at all times – for example the HMC II (Headland Mana gement Control II), which means that you have a state-of-the-art end of row system.

COMFORT, CONTROL AND SAFETY: The suspended front axle (optional) ensures smooth travel and improved operating comfort. If you frequently travel on roads, the ABS system, which is also available as an option, provides a clear benefit when it comes to safety – a benefit only offered by one series tractor in this class: the Case IH Puma.

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With its sleek looks and comfortable ride, Optum confidently outputs between 271 to 300 rated horsepower, depending on the model. The optimal power-to-weight ratio provides even greater versatility and opens up wider working windows in every situation. Whether it is tillage, seedbed preparation, planting, or haulage during harvest, we have equipped the Optum CVX with the latest systems to ensure maximum traction in the field and efficient handling and braking on the road. The Optum CVX offers impressive control and safety. It feels great to drive, and we are certain you will enjoy the satisfying feeling of driving the most profitable investment around. THE OPTUM CVX. OPTIMAL EFFICIENCY.EFFICIENT AND PROVEN ENGINE The new powerful 6.7 litre, 6-cylinder engine is designed to generate power and optimise fuel efficiency. Stage IV emissions standards are achieved with our proprietary high efficiency Hi-eSCR only after-treatment system.

Hour after hour in the field, the Optum CVX performs extremely efficiently thanks to our proven FPT-engines and the CVX transmission. In addition the APM Automatic Productivity Management system coordinates engine revs and transmission ratio to ensure optimum efficiency and fuel savings. THE OPTUM CVX. OPTIMAL EFFICIENCY.

The Optum CVX is equipped with a new 6-cylinder FPT engine, designed in-house to deliver 271 to 300 rated horsepower smoothly and efficiently. Stage IV compliant, the proven HieSCR exhaust treatment system lets the engine breathe so it can continuously output top performance while reducing fuel consumption. This is proven in the DLG PowerMix test, where the Optum CVX achieved an excellent specific fuel consumption of only 249 g/kWh. What defines a Case IH tractor, is its ability to churn out high torque when the conditions get really tough. As the engine lugs down, the variable geometry turbocharger (eVGT) opens up at lower engine speeds to increase torque, while moving to an extremely efficient setting at higher engine revs.

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First launched in 1987, the Magnum Series has evolved over 27 years to become the first choice of large scale farmers and contractors who demand the best. The new Magnum powers through every task fast and efficiently, reliably delivering impressive productivity day after day. No day at the wheel will feel too long with the Magnum’s luxuriously comfortable cab, intuitive controls ergonomically laid out, quiet operator environment and smooth ride. And when the working day stretches to well after dark, the powerful 360-degree LED lighting package turns night into day, so you can get the job done. The Magnum Rowtrac now provides even more infield performance with all the benefits of tracks, such as greater ground contact, increasing traction and reducing ground pressure whilst keeping the benefits of a conventional tractor with less ground disturbance when turning, power turns and differential lock.

FOR WHEN YOU NEED TO WORK AT NIGHT: The cab’s panoramic view provides excellent visibility all round, while the bonnet has been designed to guarantee a perfect view of all your implements. For those days when you need to carry on working after dark, you can turn on the bright LED lighting package that will illuminate perfectly 360 degrees around the tractor, giving you perfect visibility of your implements – even the outermost row units of your largest planter. With 34,400 lumen lighting power, you will be working in clear light conditions – anything you need to do to get the job done efficiently.

SMOOTH RIDE – 5 POINT SUSPENSION SYSTEM: The Magnum has pulled out all the stops with its full suspension package; the suspensions on the seat, cab, axle, and front and rear linkage are adjusted to perfection. The suspended front axle design on the Magnum tractors isolates the driver from shocks. When you sit at the wheel of a Magnum, you will experience the smoothest ride of your life.

TYRES TO THE GROUND: The Magnum’s front axle suspension keeps all your wheels on the ground, so that you enjoy the best stability, traction and control over rough terrain. Whether you are riding over uneven ground or at high speed, this simple design ensures you don’t have a bouncing and jarring ride and delivers all the power to the ground. It also has the added advantage of requiring less maintenance than other systems because of its solid construction. With this suspension, the Magnum will take you wherever you need to go – comfortably and safely

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The new Case IH LRZ front loaders combine power, rigidity, loading performance and modern design to form an innovative loader concept. These loaders excel in functionality and feature technically intelligent solutions to give you pleasure in your daily work by delivering high performance and comfortable handling.

  • New “Z” levelling kinematics within liftarm profile, protected piping and modular hydraulic valve block for best view.
  • Either seat mounted controls or integrated into the cab’s array of controls within easy reach.
  • Single point connection – No oil leakage. Fast, clean and tidy – No need for gloves.
  • Quick dump for greater productivity and reduced operator effort.
  • Outstanding bucket angle for greater productivity. “+”-models over 24° degree additional scooping.
  • Excellent maintenance access with loader fitted. Perfect design and bracket positioning.

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