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JH Fitzpatrick is an Authorised Bomford Turner dealership based in Kildare. We have a range of arm mowers, flail mowers and rotary toppers with a vast choice in both specification and budget. Bomford machines are built to the highest standards in their UK factory with the utmost care and attention given to ease of control and operator comfort. Bomford machines are built with straightforward objectives: quality, function, value and robust design. The simple operation of the products in this range also ensures customer satisfaction every time.

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Compact yet powerful, the Wren is the latest addition to the range of arm mowers from Bomford Turner and offers an excellent entry-level solution to your landscaping maintenance needs.

Fitted with twin pumps and fully independent hydraulics, the Wren can operate a range of different attachments.

Key Features:

  • 3.0m or 3.5m reach
  • Left or Right hand cutting option
  • Cable control
  • Front or rear mount option
  • Mechanical breakout
  • Cutter bar option


Click here to download the Bomford Wren Datasheet

The Robin is a professional compact Arm mower – perfect for amenity and estate use and also a firm favourite with small farmers as it can verge mow or hedge trim just as well as some of our larger models.

The Robin has many variants, and is available as front mount, along with small wheel loader and skid steer options.

Key Features

  • 3.4m or 4.3m reach
  • Parallel linkage as standard
  • Hydraulic breakout on second arm standard
  • End drive cutting head or cutter bar
  • Electronic Proportional Controlled (EPC) optional
  • Front mount option
  • Low friction cable control

Click here to download the Bomford Robin Datasheet


The Raven is a rear mounted Arm mower designed to meet the demands of smaller agricultural, horticultural, landscape & amenity customers. The rugged design ensures excellent performance for a small, compact machine and is suitable for any tractor over 40HP.

With a choice of 4.0m or 4.7m reach, and the familiar cable lever control the Raven can also be fitted with the popular LPH “Low Pressure Hydraulic” Joystick, which gives proportional control of the arm and switch control of the head angle. Arm float functions are available via buttons on the rear of the stick allowing ultimate control when operating the machinery, whether hedge cutting or verge mowing.

Key Features:

  • Choice of 4.0m or 4.7m reach
  • Direct drive cutting head or cutter bar
  • Cable Control with Low Pressure Hydraulics optional
  • Tubular 3 point linkage kit
  • Choice of flails

Click here to download the Bomford Raven Datasheet


The Osprey is the perfect choice for the small scale and co-operative agricultural markets. This economic entry level machine would also be of interest to sports and amenity managers.

With a choice of 4.5m or 5.0m reach, with an impressive 110 degrees of power slew and hydraulic breakout as standard, the Osprey is ideal where access is a challenge to the operator. The mainframe of the machine is close coupled to the tractor and this allows the machine to be fitted to smaller tractors than most other competitor models on the market.

Arm attachments can include a choice of flail heads for control of grass, hedges and light brush along with the Sheartrim cutter bar or Pro-Saw attachments for control of heavier brush.

Key Features:

  • 4.5 – 5.0m reach options
  • Choice of heads
  • Low friction cable,LPH or ESC controls
  • Three point linkage mounted
  • 110° power slew
  • Hydraulic breakout protection

Click here to download the Bomford Osprey Data Sheet

The Kestrel Evo “E” hedge trimmer and verge mower, with a 5m reach and a choice of flail heads or a 1.5m sheartim cutterbar, is perfect for the farmer who needs professional features and robust design, offering real value for money.

With a 5.0m reach, the Kestrel is a well designed, and cost effective machine for any farmer. with mechanical breakout, and cable controls as standard, the Kestrel is the perfect model for small scale farmers, and infrequent users.  The kestrel is very popular with dairy farmers who wish to maintain stock boundary hedges and water courses.  With hassle free operation and economic cost.

Arm attachments can include a choice of flail heads for control of grass & hedges and light brush.  There is with the Kestrel the upgarde option to the Pro Trim series of cutting head, and with this the option of the heavy duty Truecut flail.


  • 5m reach options
  • Choice of flail heads or 1.5m cutter bar
  • Twin Pump independent hydraulics
  • Cat II three point linkage mounted
  • Non parallel or Parallel linkage options
  • Mechanical breakout protection

Click here to download the Bomford Kestrel Evo E Datasheet

The Kestrel Evo ‘S’ has been designed to provide significant reach for farmers who need to keep weight in mind whilst retaining the versatile features of a more expensive machine.

These features include integral road lighting, tubular 3 point linkage and power slew with hydraulic breakout.

Key Features:

  • 5m or 5.7m reach
  • Parallel arm option
  • Front mount option
  • Choice of flails, heads and cutter bars
  • Power slew
  • Forward arm option

Click here to download the Bomford Kestrel Evo S Datasheet

The Hawk Evo is perfect for farmers, contractors and municipal environments.

Fitted with a powerful 104 litre drive system, and options to upgrade to 125 litre, the Hawk Evo offers a machine for every application.

Key Features:

  • 5.4m, 6.0m or 6.5m reach
  • 1.2m Pro Trim head – 1.5m option on 5.4m & 6.5m
  • 104 l/min independent hydraulic system
  • 125 l/min option on 6.5m model
  • 94º of slew (max non parallel systems)

Click here to download the Bomford Hawk Evo Datasheet

The Hawk Evo Forward arm is perfect for farmers, contractors and municipal environments where the added benefits of a forward arm is required to improve visibility and minimise operator stress and fatigue.

Fitted as standard with the powerful 125 litre drive system, the Hawk Evo Forward will perform on all stages. There is a choice of controls and attachments to suit a wide range of applications.

Key Features:

  • 5.4m or 6.0m reach
  • Heavy Duty Linkage
  • 125 l/min independent system
  • 1.2m or 1.5m cutting head
  • Non parallel

Click here to download the Bomford Hawk Evo Forward Datasheet

The Hawk Evo VFA (Variable Forward Arm) is perfect for contractors and municipal environments, where the added benefits of a forward arm is required to improve visibility.

With a maximum reach of 6m, the Hawk Evo VFA can cope with every job it is tasked with. The impressive 1.8m maximum travel on the variable forward arm (VFA) gives 1.6m forward working.

Key Features:

  • 6.0m reach
  • Over 1.8m traverse on variable forward arm
  • Heavy duty linkage or axle bracket mounted
  • 125 l/min independent system

Click here to download the Bomford Hawk Evo VFA Datasheet

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